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That dream game feature

game feature

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#1 nikolay



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 06:09 PM

How many of us wished to be able to bring that special feature into the games we love?

If you had a change to introduce something new in a game which game would you pick? Then what would you chance to make it better?


I always wished X-Com soldiers to be little bit more psy attack resistant. I reloaded so many times on base attack missions. I mean really a lot! It is a great and very difficult game.

Would you share you experience?

#2 the_prophet1987


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Posted 07 March 2015 - 10:23 PM

Well you all know i'm ArmA freak right? :D  And you do know that the ArmA series are the best if not the only military-war simulator out there.BI give their best to make every sequel more realistic than the previous ones,but not always works.Anyway in each game there's much more realism than some people can handle.......but there is something missing.

Units morale.

Soldiers need to eat,drink and sleep enough to be in a good shape on the battlefield.This feature can give players more strategies to come up with and more depth to the gameplay.The game uses a 24h cycle witch can be used to feed and train soldiers and put them to sleep.You'll have to work on your duties faster in order to get more sleep time.Conditions on the battlefield can prevent you and your subordinates from sleeping,eating and drink enough water.................

What you guys think?Realistic as hell!!!! :rolleyes:

There was actually a mod for ArmA 2 that uses these features but it's never waorking correctly beacause it's fanmade.If we ever get ArmA 4 i want these features to be in the game from the start.

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